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SPICE Pt. 3 – What of the Houses Jesus Promised in Mark 10:30?

In this third installment of the series on the prosperity gospel, I want to look at another passage used to promise people wealth, but I would start with a story. Last October on my way to Dallas for the NAPCE

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SPICE Pt. 2 – Miracle Money in Your Pockets and Bank Account Courtesy of Jesus.

Prophet Uebert Angel is a Zimbabwean preacher. He tells the secrets of people’s hearts and promises to make miracle money appear in their pockets and accounts. Where was he when I was broke last year. This is the prosperity gospel

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SPICE Pt. 1 – The Prosperity Gospel

The recent media attention on wealthy Nigerian pastors has led to the critique and defense of pastors buying private jets. However, the problem with the prosperity gospel is not the jets (that is like diagnosing a Malaria patient with headaches!).

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