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Greatness in Nigeria – Anyiam and the Save Project

I previously wrote in a post that Nigeria is not Great!” While I stand by every word in that post, and still consider it to be a tame description of the state of affairs in our nation, I recognize that

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SPICE Pt. 2 – Miracle Money in Your Pockets and Bank Account Courtesy of Jesus.

Prophet Uebert Angel is a Zimbabwean preacher. He tells the secrets of people’s hearts and promises to make miracle money appear in their pockets and accounts. Where was he when I was broke last year. This is the prosperity gospel

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For Dara… on National Sanctity of Human Life Day.

Today is national sanctity of human life Sunday. It has also been 39 years to the day since the tragic Roe v Wade ruling made it legitimate in America for a woman to take the life of an unborn baby

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Christmas, Xmas or Just Another Excuse to Splurge?

I have recently seen several complaints at the use of ‘Xmas’ instead of Christmas. According to these protests there is a big conspiracy to remove Christ from the celebration and just put an X – that symbol often used in

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