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Set Goals with Outcomes, Not Activities!

“I’ve cleaned my room” she said as I walked with her to the room. We got there and I briefly wondered if my daughter had some momentary cognitive lapse.  The problem was that we had different views of the goal.

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Chewing like a Choo Choo Train: Parenting and Leading with Patience & Creativity!

Episode 1 She had a strangely contorted look on her two-year-old face – you know the kind you see just before the mouth expels something unpleasant. “You don’t like it?” “No” she said, getting ready to spit out the food.

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Learning Change Management From the African Revolution

Change is in the air, in north Africa and the middle East. Change, that one constant staple of life, can sound like music to one person yet make another quake, like is happening today in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain among others.

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