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Greatness in Nigeria – Anyiam and the Save Project

I previously wrote in a post that Nigeria is not Great!” While I stand by every word in that post, and still consider it to be a tame description of the state of affairs in our nation, I recognize that

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Don’t go on the next mission trip…

Yes I mean it, don’t go on that mission trip. At least not until you read this post. In fact I’m trying to convince you to stop volunteering at that church sponsored soup kitchen. That Sunday school or Bible study

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Dying Well

” You’ve lost so much weight since we last saw you” he said. “Yes” she replied “I’m going to see the Lord and perhaps he wants me to be a “slim-fit” by the time I meet him”. The cancer had ravaged her

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Nigeria is not Great!

Yes I am a Nigerian. And before you call for the lighter and stakes for this unpatriotic Nigerian please hear me out. My three-year old tells me every other day “everybody likes me!” I can’t help thinking “in your dreams

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