About Me

I am a Christ follower, and I wear the hats of husband (of 1), father (of 4), pastor, adjunct professor and PhD Student. I long daily for the day when the last hat will expire. Because of my training, you will find rumination here on:


Education. Because everyone can learn.


Leadership: It is sometimes called Transformational, Servant, Charismatic, Situational, or “Name your theory of choice” leadership. Often it is just as simple and intuitive as walking ahead to show the way, or letting people ride on your shoulders. I study leadership, so I write about it.


Theology. Our lives, like the little church on the prairie, show much beauty in the midst of much damage. Theology, understood as the knowledge of God and what he has revealed about himself, is part of what God uses to  rebuild the walls of the church and the human lives that constitute it. So I write about theology.

I also write on Counseling, as well as areas, where culture intersects with the spiritual life.

I live in sunny California but call Nigeria home. I hope you are blessed, challenged, provoked, or simply enjoy what you find here.


Its been half a decade since this page was updated and the last hat (see first paragraph above) has expired. Still a husband (of the same 1), father (of the same 4) and professor.

2 comments on “About Me
  1. Joel Garcia says:

    Agam, It was very nice to meet you. I enjoyed reading your blog – particularly your article on the prosperity gospel. You are spot-on with that! May God continue to bless you and your family in your obedience to Him.

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